Expressions Used in Giving Personal Information

I. Mentioning your name:
I am Puteri Rahmalia
My name is Desy Pradipta
My friends call me Puteri
Call me Desy

II. Referring to your occupations :
I am a student from SMU 2
I’m a bank engineer
I work as a consultant for the Department of Finance

III. Talking about your place of origin:
I’m from Balangan
I come from Banjarbaru

IV. Mentioning your address:
I live in Banjarmasin
I live at Jl. Cendana
My address is West 121st. Street, Apt.#303, New York, N.Y. 10034, USA

Now look at examples of how people give personal information.

1. My name is Alexandra Morton. My friends call me Sandra. Originally, I am from Seattle, Washington. But now I live in Los Angeles, California. My address is 435 North Flower Street.

2. May I introduce myself? My name in Kotoko. I’m from Osaka, Japan. I’m a marketing manager and I work for PT. Jaya Obayashi. On Saturdays, I usually play bowling.

3. Hello, I’m Nurul Komariah. My friends call me Nur. I live on Jl. Cempaka in Banjarmasin. Just in case you want to call me, my phone number is 252371. I am an economic student at Lambung Mangkurat University. Every morning I go to my college on my motorbike. I like sports very much. On Sundays, I usually go swimming with my friends. Care to join me?


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